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At Smile Burbank, we improve your smile's appearance while restoring function. Our patients not only look fabulous, but their teeth function the way they were meant to!

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Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry

At Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry, our knowledge and experience in comprehensive general dentistry along with restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry sets us apart from the others.
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Dental Crowns

Before and after picture of a dental crownAt Toomin & Bieber, we provide dental crowns as a way to strengthen a weakened or excessively decayed tooth. Dental crowns have proven to be an effective way to save these teeth that would otherwise be lost, putting your mouth at risk for further issues, including bone loss. The crown is an extension of your tooth, allowing you to retain the roots of your natural tooth as well as the remains of the enamel that can be saved. Dental crowns are often provided alongside root canals, but are also an alternative for those teeth that will not be strengthened by standard dental fillings.

The Reasons for a Dental Crown

We provide dental crowns to a variety of patients. It is our goal at Toomin & Bieber to give our patients every chance at retaining their natural tooth to avoid future oral health problems and even physical embarrassment as tooth loss brings many complications with it, including bone loss. Dental crowns help to restore the function and appearance of a tooth, ensuring your continued satisfaction with your appearance and ability to chew and talk with ease. A few of the most common reasons that we provide dental crowns include:

•  Excessive decay that is not able to be rectified with dental fillings
•  Existing fillings that cannot be repaired
•  Teeth that have suffered trauma
•  To strengthen a weakened tooth that has undergone a root canal
•  As a replacement tooth after receiving dental implants

The Types of Dental Crowns

At Toomin & Bieber we provide three different types of crowns. We determine the material necessary on a case-by-case basis, depending on the area of the tooth and the issues that are resulting in the need for the crown.

•  Porcelain crowns - These crowns are most often used on the front teeth as they provide the most aesthetic appeal, yet are not as strong as their counterparts, which makes them an unlikely candidate for posterior crowns. Porcelain crowns are made to match your existing teeth in color and shape to ensure that they seamlessly blend with the rest of your mouth, providing you with an improved smile and greater self-confidence.
•  Porcelain fused to metal crowns - Metal crowns are known to be the most durable and effective when it comes to strengthening a weak tooth, but they are not always the most pleasing to look at. This is when porcelain fused to metal crowns come into play - you get the benefit of the metal base, giving you the stability you need with the benefit of a porcelain exterior, giving you the aesthetic appeal you desire.
•  Gold crowns - Crowns made from gold are the most stable and effective in the posterior regions of the mouth. This is where most of your chewing takes place, which is why gold crowns are used in these areas. Gold does not undergo the risk of breaking or chipping even from excessive chewing and are a great choice for those that want to enjoy their favorite foods without the risk of breaking their crown.

The Process

A man with more confidence with his new crowns.The new crowns that this man got from Toomin & Bieber made his smile extraordinary.Obtaining a dental crown is not a difficult process. At Toomin & Bieber we do everything possible to ensure your comfort during the dental crown placement procedure. The process is completed in two appointments. At the first appointment, we prepare the area. This could include removing decay, performing a root canal, or shaping the tooth in order for it to be ready to receive the crown. Once the area is ready, we take impressions to send to the lab to have your custom crown created. At this time, we will place a temporary crown in order to keep the area clean and enable you to eat. After about 2 weeks, your second appointment will be necessary in order to place the permanent crown.

At the second appointment, the permanent crown is placed. Before it is made permanent, we ensure a proper fit; including whether or not you are comfortable as well as happy with its appearance. Once everything is ready, the crown is cemented in your mouth, and you have a fully functional and pleasing to look at the tooth.

Caring for your Dental Crown

It is very important that you continue with proper oral hygiene, especially around the dental crown. Brushing and flossing in that area twice a day will keep food debris out and ensure that gum disease or decay does not occur underneath the crown. In addition, coming to see us every six months will give us the opportunity to ensure the stability of the crown and take care of any problems early, before they get out of hand.

If you have questions about a dental crown, please call our office at (818) 748-9998 today!


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