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All About Bone Grafts

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Diagram of dental implant in to jaw boneA dental bone graft is necessary when there is bone loss on your jawbone. This procedure is performed before replacement procedures like dental implants and dentures. It can be done when there is an evident effect of bone loss on your neighboring teeth.

A dental bone graft adds volume and density to your jawbone. The grafting material might be extracted from your body or a human tissue bank. When it is extracted from your bones, the process is autogenous regeneration, when taken from a tissue bank, that is allografting. In other instances, it might be taken from animal tissue (xenograft) or developed synthetically (alloplast).

Different types of bone grafts

There are four main types of bone grafts. One is ridge preservation, also known as socket preservation. This type is placed on the socket almost immediately after extraction. It prevents the sides of the socket from caving in.

The second type is ridge augmentation which is used when the missing tooth has taken time. This means that the jawbone might have in the process become thinner than before. This procedure increases the volume and the width of the jawbone. It can provide a perfect foundation for implants and other restorative procedures.

The third type is the sinus lift that sits above your upper back teeth. It is often used when the upper back teeth are missing since it drops down and covers the space left behind by the teeth roots. In this case, implants are not an option since they might penetrate the sinus membrane. However, the dentist might perform a sinus lift to fit the procedure of your liking.

The last type is the periodontal bone graft which is placed around an existing tooth to reduce mobility. This procedure also gives additional support.

Who needs a dental bone graft?

This procedure might be recommended if you are having a tooth extracted, planning to replace an initially missing tooth, if you need to rebuild your jawbone, or if you have bone loss due to periodontal disease. For the best results in this procedure, call our offices today.

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