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Should I Seal My Molars?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Mark Bieber
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Molars are some of the most important features of your dental health because molars handle the heavy lifting with regard to crushing, chewing, and digesting your food. Molars are the largest, heaviest, and strongest teeth in your body, but they are also the most prone to cavities. Here is an explanation of all of the work that molars do and whether you should have your molars sealed.

About Molars

Molars are the workhorses of your mouth. Most adults have between eight and 12 molars in their mouths. Nearly all adults have two sets of molars, and some adults have a third set of molars, also called wisdom teeth.

Molars have a tough job. They crush and grind food so that you can swallow it. Your body cannot digest food in the manner that you eat it; it must be put into a smaller and more liquid form, which is where your molars come in. Molars have uneven biting surfaces, and pits located on the biting surface of your molars help with digestion.


While your molars do an amazing job of crushing and grinding your food, they are not invincible. Molars are most likely to get cavities for several reasons. They are the largest and deepest teeth in your mouth and are located at the farthest back of all your teeth, making them difficult to reach and clean. Food particles are also more likely to become trapped in your molars, which attracts bacteria that cause cavities.

One way to protect your molars is to have the dentist apply a sealant to your back teeth. Sealants are clear polymers that are brushed onto your molars and then hardened with a light. The sealants add protection to your tooth, preventing cavity-causing bacteria from growing on the molar surface. You can have the sealant reapplied every few years.

If you think you need sealants, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss sealants, your dental health, or your concerns about your back teeth.

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