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Taking a Multivitamin Won't Prevent Canker Sores

Posted on 4/30/2016 by Mark Bieber
A man suffering from canker sores!Canker sores are not well understood, and there are a variety of causes that are thought to contribute to their development. For years, medical and dental professionals have believed that a vitamin deficiency could contribute to the formation of canker sores, and while that fact has evidence supporting it, a new study has found something surprising - despite the fact that vitamin deficiencies can cause canker sores, taking a multivitamin won't prevent them from showing up.

So, what's up with this finding? If a vitamin deficiency can lead to canker sores, why doesn't a supplement change anything? According to the researchers, the important fact is that people who were studied tended to only have minor deficiencies.

People with greater deficiencies may benefit from taking a multivitamin to improve their overall health, but they likely have more worries in their life than their canker sores.

In this particular study, it was found that people who took a daily multivitamin had virtually the same amount of canker sores than people who received a placebo.

This finding shows that in order to help someone to get rid of canker sores - or to prevent them from arising in the first place - other methods should be taken. While a multivitamin may still be a good addition to a person's overall health and wellness, it won't impact mouth ulcers.

Instead, people who experience frequent sores should avoid spicy foods, clean their mouths with an alcohol-free mouthwash, and work to reduce their stress levels. Oral hygiene and stress are thought to be more prominent factors when it comes to the incidence of canker sores than vitamin deficiencies.

If you are experiencing chronic canker sores - or if you have a mouth ulcer that refuses to go away - it is important to contact our office. We can help you to diagnose the problem and come up with an effective treatment plan.

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