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Boil and Bite vs. Custom Mouth Guards

Posted on 5/20/2016 by Mark Bieber
A lime green mouthguard.If you'll be playing any contact sports, it is important that you keep your teeth safe with a mouth guard. These devices will fit over your teeth so that in the event you suffer a blow to the mouth, your mouth isn't injured.

There are two main types of mouth guards available - custom and boil and bite - and by learning a little bit more about them, you can choose the option that is right for you.

What Are Boil and Bite Mouth Guards?

A boil and bite mouth guard is something that you can pick up from your local sporting goods store. You'll boil the guard until the plastic becomes flexible, and then you will bite into it so that it can take on the shape of your teeth.

This is an affordable option and is a better solution than stock mouth guards that might also be found in the sports department.

Why Are Custom Mouth Guard Better Options?

A custom mouth guard is something that your dentist will make for you after taking a mold of your mouth. These mouth guards are the best possible option when it comes to choosing a mouth guard, as it is specifically designed for your teeth. They are comfortable and stable, and they will have minimal interference with speaking or breathing.

A mouth guard that is custom-made for you will be safe and comfortable to wear, offering optimal protection. Should you be involved in a sport-related accident in which you are rendered unconscious, the risk of these mouth guards lodging in your throat and obstructing your airway is also significantly reduced.

If you are interested in a mouth guard to protect your bite, it is important that you fully consider the pros and cons of each option. Contact our office we can help you to choose the mouth guard that will work best for you.

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