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Will Teeth Whitening Last Forever?

Posted on 6/30/2016 by Mark Bieber
A woman's before and after picture during a whitening treatment.One of the most common questions that dentists get about teeth whitening is how long the treatment will last. While it would certainly be wonderful to whiten your teeth once and never have to worry about it again, unfortunately, teeth whitening doesn't last forever.

While you might be able to retain your brilliantly white smile for a while, you'll need to take care of it properly if you want them to stay white for as long as possible.

Exactly How Long Do Whitening Treatments Last?

The length of time that whitening treatments last will depend on what option you choose. Store-bought options like Crest White Strips have results that tend to last for about six months, depending on how well you care for your teeth and your ability to avoid staining foods and drinks.

However, if you go into your dentist's office and have a Zoom! teeth whitening procedure completed, you can enjoy the benefits for several years as long as you care for your teeth properly.

How Can You Extend the Life of Your Whitening?

Your care for your teeth after whitening can either make or break the success of your bleaching treatment. If you choose to have whitening completed at your dentist's office, you should receive an aftercare packet that will help you to touch up your teeth in between bleaching sessions if you notice that your teeth are becoming discolored. You could also avoid wine, coffee, tea, and soda, as these drinks are highly staining, and you should be sure to stop smoking.

Brushing your teeth regularly and drinking plenty of water to keep your mouth moist is also crucial in helping to keep your teeth white and your mouth healthy.

While whitening might not serve as a permanent solution to a discolored smile, by caring for your teeth as well as possible, you can get the most out of your whitening treatment.

Please contact us if you have any questions about teeth whitening.

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