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Loose Teeth Need to Be Seen By a Dentist to Remain Healthy

Posted on 5/25/2017 by Mark Bieber
A woman suffering from a loose tooth.
Other than when we are children, loose teeth are not normal. Once we lose all of those baby teeth and get our permanent teeth in, our teeth should remain stable as long as our mouth remains healthy.

If you notice any of the teeth in your mouth are loose, you need to go in and see your dentist.

The sooner you are able to go in, the more likely your teeth will be able to be saved and that your mouth can remain healthy.

Two Most Common Causes of Loose Teeth

Most of the time, there are two main causes of loose teeth. One is some type of an injury involving an impact of your teeth. This can cause a tooth to become loose and wiggle around in your mouth.

These injuries can heal on their own, but they often need a bit of help to heal properly. The other main cause of loose teeth is advanced gum disease.

As your gum tissues and jawbone begin to recede, this can make it to where the socket of your tooth is no longer stable. This can leave you with loose teeth that are sometimes unable to be saved.

The longer you wait to get loose teeth checked, the more damage can occur to them. If you wait too long, those teeth may have to be removed, and there may not be anything that can be done to save them.

Go in and see your dentist as soon as you even suspect a tooth may be loose. This way, they can see what is going on within your mouth, and hopefully fix it. Contact our office today, and schedule an appointment for them to look at your loose teeth.

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