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What to Do for Tooth Pain After a Root Canal Has Healed

Posted on 8/23/2017 by Mark Bieber
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Getting a root canal often leaves you with a tooth that is a bit sore for a short time following the procedure, but shortly after, your pain subsides. However, there are times where after that pain subsides, you notice pain coming back. While it could be phantom pain that came from you remembering the pain before the root canal, it could also be a sign that the infection has returned.

When a Root Canal Doesn't Quite Work

Typically, during a root canal, each little canal within the tooth is emptied, an antibiotic is placed, then the tooth is refilled with a filling once the full removal is complete. Once the crown comes in, then a permanent crown is put over the tooth, and you go on with life. However, occasionally, one of those tiny canals inside the tooth gets missed. This leaves just enough of the infection behind to restart the problem.

It usually takes a while to get restarted due to the antibiotics that were put into your tooth before the filling was put in. What this means is that you need to have the procedure done again. The dentist, or oral surgeon, needs to go back in and figure out where the infection is coming from, and follow the same procedure.

It is rare that a root canal needs to be done a second time, but not unheard of. If you notice that your mouth is in pain following a root canal procedure’s healing, then make sure you call your dentist back and let them know.

They will want you to come in as soon as possible in most circumstances, so they can get you on some medication to prevent the infection from spreading, causing even more problems.

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