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How Your Mouth Benefits from You Chewing Gum

Posted on 9/20/2018 by Mark Bieber
How Your Mouth Benefits from You Chewing GumSnap! Pop! Chew! While your 7th grade history teacher may not have approved of your chewing gum habit, we do! We're here to tell you today how your love of chewing gum can benefit your oral health. Don't believe us? Well, sit back and read on…

Saliva and Chewing Gum

We all know that saliva helps keep your mouth moist, and it increases when we eat. This allows us to effectively chew our food and swallow it without choking. But did you know that it also has protective qualities in it?

Saliva neutralizes acids in our food and it lowers the pH in our mouths and also clears away the food after we eat. After eating the pH of the plaque in your mouth becomes acidic for a little while and this weakens teeth and can make them more prone to decay.

Chewing gum increases the saliva flow in your mouth, which eases the discomfort of dry mouth. The chewing motion engages your muscles which compress the salivary glands. This release of saliva is one of the most effective ways to minimize the buildup of plaque in your mouth. You can reduce tooth decay simply by chewing sugar-free gum for about 20 minutes after each meal.

In addition to preventing tooth decay, chewing gum can also assist in whitening your teeth. Washing away the food particles helps prevent staining of the teeth. You can even purchase over the counter whitening gums!

And don't forget the positive effect it has on your breath. While bad breath can be a symptom of a more serious oral health complication, the occasional bad breath is lessened by chewing gum. So, pop your favorite minty or cinnamon sugar free gum and chomp away.

Remember, if you love chewing gum, you're not alone. When you opt for sugar free options, the oral health benefits will be your reward.

Respected As A Patient

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