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Where Do Pit Stains in Your Teeth Come From?

Posted on 9/20/2019 by Mark Bieber
Where Do Pit Stains in Your Teeth Come From?One common goal people have for their teeth is that they are bright and white. It is the reason why teeth whitening products are so popular. There are several reasons that your teeth are not as white as you want. For some the cause of the discoloration is dental pit stains. To know what to do about this problem, you need to understand what the dental pit stains are and where they come from.

What are Pit Stains

Pit stains are discoloration of the teeth that occurs in small holes that form in the teeth. Your teeth have small holes on the surface of the teeth. They can become discolored and it is that discoloration that is known as the pit stains. The pit stains do not cause damage to the teeth, although they are sometimes unsightly. Because the pit stains are dark against the white of the teeth, they are often very obvious.

What to Do About Them
Even though they do not always cause damage to the teeth and gums, pit stains are something that you may want to find a way to fix. The first option is the home remedies. Turning to a different toothpaste may help clean the brown stains on the teeth. Following good oral hygiene habits will not only help deal with the pit stains, it will help the overall health of the teeth.

If brushing and flossing is not enough, teeth whitening products can help. There are whitening toothpastes and other home products. A much better option is a good professional cleaning and professional teeth whitening. If you come to our office, we can make sure that the stains are not a problem and offer the best solutions for them.

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