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Are There Any Special Tricks to Caring for Dental Veneers?

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Mark Bieber
Are There Any Special Tricks to Caring for Dental Veneers?So you made the leap and invested in dental veneers, you'll want to keep them safe, white, and in good condition. Most ways, you will treat them just like you would your normal teeth. It's recommended you floss once a day, brush twice per day for no less than 2 minutes and use a fluoride-based mouthwash.

You'll want to practice good oral health care because a typical veneered tooth has a small area of the real tooth left. If you allow it to decay or need a root canal there is very little tooth left after the first root canal. Our office has provided some useful information to stay ahead of the game. 

Material to Invest in for Your Teeth

It's going to be important you purchase the correct toothpaste. Some brands have ingredients that are abrasive for your veneers. Look for ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate. (Baking soda) Hydrogen peroxide will eat at your teeth's surface and sodium bicarbonate can cause them to lose their color. Do not buy whitening products they don't work and may damage your teeth. If you suffer from Bruxism or the grinding of teeth, that is going to be a major issue with veneers. Consult with our office to get a custom sleeping mouth guard.

Habits That Can Affect My Veneers

If you have a habit of eating sugary things, these items will contribute quickly to tooth decay, lethal to a veneered tooth. Stay away from starchy foods and sugary drinks, like soda and fruit juice. Acidic items like citrus fruits can wear on your veneers shine. Food coloring in foods is also questionable. If you like to consume alcohol, it will soften the bonding composites holding your veneers tight. Use it sparingly, avoiding dark wines. Be sure your mouthwash does not contain alcohol, it can be more damaging than drinking alcohol. 

Our office has put together these tips and tricks through experience. Our team is committed to providing the best dental care possible. Most people don't know their veneers can be polished. Whether you need a good polishing or just wanting a check-up, give us a call and we can schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Respected As A Patient

I continue to be impressed with every aspect of dental care and service at your office. Everyone is wonderful and makes me feel important, valued, and respected as a patient; everything is explained in detail.
-Shelley D.
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