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What is Tooth Reshaping?

Posted on 6/8/2020 by Mark Bieber
What is Tooth Reshaping?You may need some teeth reshaped if they are affecting your smile. Have you heard of this procedure? If not, read on to learn more about the process and how it benefits many of our patients. Tooth reshaping, also called dental contouring, is a cosmetic procedure in dentistry that remove small portions of enamel, or the tooth's outside covering, to change the length, shape or surface of a tooth.

Who Can Benefit from Tooth Reshaping?

If you have slightly overlapping teeth or some teeth that are irregular in shape, you can benefit from tooth reshaping. Reshaping can also take care of problems, such as pointed cuspids or small chips. To reshape teeth, we remove a small amount of enamel so we can contour the tooth and change its length or texture. We often combine reshaping with dental bonding. Doing so permits us to use a tooth-colored composite to shape and sculpt a tooth.

What Is Involved in Tooth Reshaping?

We use dental instruments and abrasion methods for dental contouring. We may also x-ray the mouth to make sure the teeth are healthy before we begin. We mark the teeth that need to be sculpted or perfected with a highlighter. A sanding tool is used to reduce or downplay imperfections on the surface teeth, or to contour the sides. Once the sanding instrument is used, the teeth are polished to perfection. This type of treatment is affordable, and therefore allows you to improve your smile inexpensively. No anesthesia is required, as the technique is painless. Also, this type of cosmetic treatment may be used as a substitute for straightening.
Do you think you may be a good candidate for tooth reshaping? If so, give our office a call today. Make sure that you are prepared for subtle change – not one that is significant. Dental contouring is meant for people who want to improve their smile but do so in a less dramatic way. For a more noticeable transformation, call our office about whitening or veneers.

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