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Benefits of Getting a Frenectomy

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Mark Bieber
Benefits of Getting a FrenectomyA frenectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed in the mouth where a frenum is removed or altered using a laser. The procedure is quite simple and it ends quickly. The patient only experiences minimal discomfort in the days after the surgery. We will numb the area and make an incision to loosen the frenum or remove it. Sutures are only used when the frenum issue is big or severe. Nowadays, laser is used because unlike the traditional methods, it causes less bleeding and tissue damage, hence a faster healing process. A frenum is essentially the soft tissue that connects two tissues in the mouth. There are two kinds of frenum; lingual frenum and labial frenum. The former is the muscle tissue that connects the floor of the mouth and the bottom of the tongue while the latter is the tissue that attaches the middle of the upper gum to the upper lip.

Problems Caused by the Frenum

Any defect in any of these two frena can cause various problems for a patient. For example, if the labial frenum hangs down too low, it can cause a big gap between the two frontal teeth and if it is too tight, it can result in gum recession because it will pull the gums away from the jawbone. A lingual frenum does not normally cause any problems, but in some cases it can make it difficult for a child to eat or speak. A lingual frenum is usually discovered quite early when a baby becomes tongue-tied and is unable to latch. This is when a frenectomy comes in handy.

Benefits of Frenectomy

Patients experience the benefits of this oral procedure almost immediately. Labial frenectomy helps reduce discomfort and pain, it enhances bite function, eliminates tooth gap between the two upper front teeth and promotes self-esteem in teenagers and young adults. On the other hand, lingual frenectomy improves appetite and eating and also boosts speech function.

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