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Benefits Fiber Provides Your Oral Health

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Mark Bieber
Benefits Fiber Provides Your Oral HealthFiber provides a variety of health benefits for those that consume it. However, whether fiber helps or harms oral health depends on how the fiber is introduced into the body. Sources of fiber that are high in sugars or acids can be as damaging as non-fibrous sugary foods and drinks. Alternately, fiber-rich foods such as whole grains and celery clearly benefit patients' oral health.

How Dietary Fiber Promotes Good Oral Health

Foods with high amounts of dietary fiber require patients to thoroughly chew the food before swallowing. The mouth produces high quantities of saliva during the chewing. Saliva acts as a natural countermeasure to bacterial growth, and saliva by itself can remove loose food particles from the mouth. Because of the increased production of saliva, dietary fiber indirectly helps patients reduce the risks of dry mouth, gum disease, and tooth decay.

The Potential Risks of Soluble Fiber to the Mouth

Whereas both soluble fiber – fiber that dissolves in liquids such as water – and insoluble fiber – dietary fiber that must be manually broken down by chewing and swallowing – have significant benefits for the body. However, soluble fiber can do more harm than good for the mouth. Many types of soluble dietary supplements have high contents of sugar, providing a strong food source for harmful bacteria. Some types of soluble dietary supplements – such as citrus beverages - are also acidic, which directly damage the enamel and dentin on teeth.

Fiber can have positive benefits on digestive health, cholesterol levels, blood-sugar levels, and weight management. However, the form of the consumed fiber can either benefit or hinder oral health. Patients seeking to use fiber to increase their mouths' health should focus on whole foods and natural foods instead of powders, pills, beverages, and fiber bars. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to formulate a mouth-friendly diet.

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