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Call Us if Your Gums Begin to Hurt

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Mark Bieber
Call Us if Your Gums Begin to HurtJust like a toothache, gum pain should not be ignored either. There are multiple potential causes for gum pain, so you should always let us know if your gums begin to hurt so we can figure out the source of your discomfort and treat it before it progresses. Here are some common causes for gum pain.

Gum Disease

If your gums feel sore or swollen while brushing and flossing, or if they sometimes bleed during your oral hygiene routine, you might have gingivitis. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease, and it can often be reversed through diligent oral hygiene. If gingivitis is not caught and treated early, it can progress into more advanced periodontal disease, which puts you at risk for tooth loss and other serious complications. Advanced gum disease requires more extensive treatments, including root canal procedures, gum graft surgery, and dental restoration such as crowns or implants after tooth loss.

Oral Abcess

An oral abcess is a pus-filled sac that forms on your tooth or gum as a result of an infection. Oral abcesses are usually painful, and they need to be drained in our office. If you notice an unpleasant taste in your mouth along with gum pain, you may have an abcess that burst.

Tobacco Use

Smokers are three times more likely to develop gum disease than people who do not smoke, so if you are a smoker, this could be the reason behind your gum pain. And it is not just cigarettes that can harm your gums; using any kind of tobacco product, including vaping and chewing tobacco, can damage your gums, teeth, and overall oral health. Chewing tobacco may be especially harmful since you place it between your gums and cheek.


Stress has the potential to harm your gums as well. Stress has been suggested as a possible cause for canker sores, which often appear on the gums and can be painful, especially while eating or brushing your teeth. Burning mouth syndrome, which can affect your gums, has also been linked to stress. Finally, stress can also cause hormone fluctuations in your body, which can contribute to gum soreness and swelling in women. Call our office today if you are experiencing gum pain.

Respected As A Patient

I continue to be impressed with every aspect of dental care and service at your office. Everyone is wonderful and makes me feel important, valued, and respected as a patient; everything is explained in detail.
-Shelley D.
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