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Is It Dangerous for Your Teeth If You Take Antacids?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Mark Bieber
Is It Dangerous for Your Teeth If You Take Antacids?It can be harmful if you take antacids, but it really depends on several factors. Antacids are those tablets adults tend to eat after having something that flairs up their heart burn. They work by creating a chalky consistency, which coats most of the mouth and all of the throat. This paste then stops irritation in the throat, but it also inhibits your teeth from gaining vital nutrients.

After You've Eaten an Antacid

The relief you get from antacids is immediate, so after you've swallowed them, rinse your mouth with water for a minute. This will help to unstick a good portion of the left-over chalk that is still in your mouth. Also consider eating something that will help to clean your teeth to remove more of the particles. Raw vegetables and raw fruits are particularly good at cleaning our teeth while we chew, so between the time you eat an antacid to the time you can brush your teeth, try chewing celery, eating an apply, or enjoying some strawberries.

Avoiding Antacids

Everyone over 20 understands that when heart burn or irritation show up, the only thought is finding relief for the burn. But there are some other alternatives which can help solve the discomfort without putting your teeth and gums in harm's way. Try to only use antacids as a last resort, and when you do need them, pick up some without added sugars. Also consider keeping bananas on hand if you are prone to acidity issues. Bananas have a coating texture when eaten, so they help to naturally neutralize acidity problems in the throat without damaging your teeth. Further, their nutrients tend to significantly help your teeth.

If you eat highly acidic foods, make sure to brush your teeth 30 minutes after you've eaten them. This time frame is the best for making sure your teeth aren't being damaged by brushing immediately after the foods, while also attending to the need of getting the acids off your teeth. Thus, helping to stop and reduce the chances that you'll have heartburn or another acidity flair up. Further, ensure that you schedule an appointment with us every six months, since we can deep clean your teeth and help you to retain the best of your smile. Call us today to learn more.

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