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Sweet Tooth – Cupcake Cravings

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Mark Bieber
Sweet Tooth – Cupcake CravingsCupcakes are delicious, look pretty, and are perfect for any occasion. You can eat a cupcake when celebrating or munch one to ease your pain. But did you know that cupcake cravings can harm your oral health? So how are you able to give in without causing damage to your teeth and gums?

Sugary Foods are an Oral Health Enemy

Foods and drinks containing sugar are a great temptation for many people. However, they bring a war in your teeth and gums because sugar transforms into acid when it gets into your mouth. Once you eat sugary foods like cupcakes, the acid formed begins to erode the protective layer of the teeth, known as the enamel. While you may have a sweet tooth, it shouldn't make you feel uneasy. You don't have to sign up for a life without sweets, as there are ways to look after the teeth and prevent cavities after you snack. 

Preventing Cupcakes from Causing Cavities

When snacking, use restrain by ensuring you only enjoy the sweets sparingly. Consider eating the snacks with meals rather than on their own to minimize the amount of sugar you put into your mouth. Avoid sipping sugary sodas in between meals because the acid can quickly form plaque. You may also want to stick to milk, water, and unsweetened tea as they contain a low acid pH. After snacking, swash the mouth with water and wait for about half an hour before brushing teeth. If you brush immediately after eating sugary foods, it could wear off the already acid-softened enamel.  

To find out how you can enjoy your sweet snacks without damaging your teeth, visit our dentist for advice. After all, we understand that it is hard for some people to beat craving sugary foods. And because we care about you and your oral health, we will provide you with tips to prevent cavities and promote your dental health. 

Respected As A Patient

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