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Management of oral pathology in general dentistry

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Mark Bieber
Management of oral pathology in general dentistryPeople are most likely to visit their dentists for simple treatment procedures like dental decay and gum disease treatments. Dentists are the primary dental health care givers and are mainly involved in preventative dental treatments. General dentists curb disease before they progress into more complicated illnesses that would require specialist treatment. After visiting a dentist for your regular check-up, they will examine your oral cavity for signs of oral disease and recommend a well-suited treatment. They are also going to recommend you to a specialist if your condition exceeds their expertise.

Management of oral disease

In general dentistry, oral pathology is only treated by the dentist if the condition is in its early stages. General dentists are also involved in enabling a smooth healing for patients undergoing treatment of oral pathologies. The involvement of the dentist is also limited to the type of pathology the patient has, for example, congenital pathologies can only be referred to a specialist.

Gum disease is an example of oral pathologies managed by a general dentist. It is caused by bacterial build up in the teeth and gums that cause an inflammation of the gingival tissues. Gum disease is only managed by the dentist in its early form, referred to as gingivitis. The dentist helps maintain oral health by reversing the disease. Tooth decay and dental carries are treated through simple dentistry procedures like cleaning and tooth fillings.

A dentist may also perform a root canal for extremely damaged teeth. Bad breath or halitosis is managed through dental cleaning. Patients already undergoing treatment for an oral disease also have to see the dentist regularly for follow ups. Dentists examine the oral cavity and perform a maintenance cleaning to prevent bacterial build-up. You are also required to visit the dentist for oral cancer screening regularly as this enables the dentist discover the onset of disease early and help avert it. Dentists are mainly involved in oral pathology, in the prevention of disease and also in maintaining he spread of a present disease.

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