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How Do You Treat Broken or Cracked Teeth?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Mark Bieber
How Do You Treat Broken or Cracked Teeth?Cracks in the teeth may occur due to trauma, aging, tooth grinding, or injury. These cracks may be painful or you might not notice. Individuals with fractured teeth may feel sensitivity, discomfort, or swelling in their teeth. Although children and the elderly are more prone to tooth fractures, anyone can get a broken tooth.

Which Teeth Are Most Prone to Cracking?

The mandibular molars and upper front teeth are more prone to cracking. You will find that most individuals have one or two broken teeth. However, trauma or accidents like falls, automobile crashes, physical assaults, sports injuries, and bike injuries can result in many shattered teeth. It's also important to remember that those who have dental cavities are more vulnerable to tooth fractures.

The Diagnosis of Broken Teeth

The dentist will like to know the cause of the fractured tooth and the symptoms you are encountering. Also, they will inquire about your dental history and if you consume hard food or chew ice regularly. The dentist will ask if you grind or clench your teeth at night. They will then inspect your teeth and examine the crack lines. The doctor will check your gums for any signs of irritation or inflammation. To illuminate the fracture, the dentist will shine some light through the tooth. The dentist may conduct a tooth X-ray to detect any associated problems.

What is the Procedure for Fixing Broken Teeth?

The severity of the damage determines the treatment of broken teeth. The most common therapy forms for cracked teeth include crowns and porcelain veneers, tooth extractions, which involve removing the whole tooth from the socket, and bonding, which consists of filling the fissures with plastic resin. To stop additional harm, your dentist might decide to perform a root canal in which the injured pulp is eliminated.

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