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Am I Grinding My Teeth?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Mark Bieber
Am I Grinding My Teeth?Teeth grinding is a dental problem caused by stress, anxiety, and dehydration. In extreme conditions, teeth grinding results from sleep apnea which causes the muscles around the throat to relax when asleep.

Teeth grinding can cause wear of the enamel leading to teeth erosion and depletion of the white color. However, most people are unaware of the teeth-grinding condition and may not even know. Thus, how would you know that you are grinding teeth?

How to Know if I am Grinding my Teeth

Some specific symptoms and assignments tell you that you are grinding your teeth. The most common symptoms include sore facial muscles due to the pressure and force exerted on the jaw muscles when chewing.

Regular earaches, especially when you chew or eat certain foods, may signal teeth grinding. Pain in the temporomandibular joint and broken and sensitive teeth when you drink or eat cold or hot foods is a sign that you are grinding the teeth.

Upon realizing these symptoms, it is necessary to seek dental treatment and care to prevent further damage. If teeth grinding is not addressed at a low-risk level, it eventually becomes severe and may lead to broken teeth or wear of the teeth enamel, which makes the dentin prone to attack by caries.

Treatment of Grinding Teeth

Grinding teeth is treated based on the risk level of the symptoms. Dentists may recommend sleeping pills and prescription medication to calm your nerves and keep you in a relaxed state, thus reducing stress and anxiety.

Also, it is essential to eliminate food products such as chewing gums to reduce the constant chewing that puts pressure on the jaw and eliminate pain. Another treatment way is dentists may recommend the use of a splint that protects the teeth and relaxes the muscles. If you have teeth-grinding conditions, find a dentist, discuss the symptoms, and start a treatment plan.

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