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Cosmetic Dentistry Burbank CA

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a number of cosmetic treatments, with each designed to address the aesthetic concerns patients have about their smiles.

This may include just one concern or several. Patients may have chipped or broken teeth, missing teeth, stained or discolored teeth. Minor spaces between teeth are also often a concern, as is excess gum tissue.

At Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry in Burbank, CA, we provide our patients with a selection of cosmetic solutions that meet the individual aesthetic needs of each patient. Our focus is on the cosmetic, and on what makes a smile beautiful.

Dental Fillings

The first step to getting a filling or any other restoration is to schedule an oral exam with our team. We will identify any cavities or other areas of concern during the exam and plan a treatment for you. If you have not had them recently, you will also need a new set of x-rays.

Once this is complete, our team can schedule the procedure. They will start by administering a local anesthetic to ensure you are pain-free during the installation of the filling. Lawrence Toomin, DDS or Mark Bieber, DDS will then remove the decayed material with a dental drill.

While the drill may sound noisy, you will not feel any discomfort thanks to the anesthetic.

They will then pack the hole with the filling material. Most types of material are hardened using a specialized light. Depending on the depth of the hole, our team may need to stop several times during the process to harden each layer of your restoration. Once the procedure is complete, you can resume normal activity.

Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of three components: a titanium screw that is embedded into the jawbone, a post (abutment) that attaches to the implant, and an artificial tooth (crown) that fits over the abutment.

An implant can be placed to replace one missing tooth, several teeth in a row with implant-supported bridges, or a complete arch of teeth with an implant-supported denture or All-on-4.

Many different factors will contribute to the success of dental implants, including where in the mouth they are placed, and what type of implant procedure is carried out, so it is difficult to put an exact figure on it.

A 95% success rate is a conservative estimate, and for some implant procedures, such as the All-on-4 the success rate has been recorded as high as 98%.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells that are made to fit over your teeth. Veneers are made of porcelain or composite. The shells are custom made to fit each individual patient and their needs.

We can make veneers to cover all of your upper or lower teeth, or we can cover some of both the upper and lower teeth.

Veneers can be used on patients who have teeth that are chipped, cracked or broken. We can completely change your look through the use of veneers. You may have cracked a tooth due to an accident or an injury.

Veneers can also completely whiten your discolored teeth that have become discolored through medication, tobacco use or caffeine.

Teeth Whitening

There are a lot of options when you want to get your teeth whitened. If you only want to lighten your teeth one or two shades, you could try whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. You could be satisfied with those two products.

If you think you need to whiten more, you could try whitestrips. Whitestrips are an over the counter product that you could use to whiten your teeth. You will need to put whitestrips on for about an hour each day.

If you need more help whitening your teeth, we’d love to help you out. We can give you premade trays you could use to whiten your teeth. This process takes about a week.

We could also whiten your teeth in one setting, either with a whitening solution, or with a gel and a laser. Either of these procedures can instantly whiten your teeth several shades in one day.

If you need to get your teeth whiter, let us help you. Visit our Teeth Whitening FAQ page for more information.

Dental Crown

When teeth become damaged, they are at an increased risk of being lost. This can be scary for many of our patients, especially when the future of their tooth is suddenly uncertain.

A dental crown can save a severely damaged tooth, helping preserve it. Normally for our patients who require a crown, we will take an impression of your tooth, send it to our lab, and wait for it to come back.

During that time, our patients will wear a temporary crown while they wait for their permanent crown to return from the lab.

Crowns come in two major types, which include gold and porcelain. The only difference between the two is the budget and durability. Both the gold and the porcelain dental crowns serve the same purpose: covering and protecting your tooth. There are also other materials used to make crowns: ceramic, zirconia, metal, and composite resin.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding, or teeth bonding, is a great option for the repair of a tooth defect or imperfection.

If you have decayed teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, or discolored teeth, bonding may be the best cosmetic treatment for you. Bonding can be used to close spaces between your teeth or make them longer.

If you have gum recession, dental bonding can also be used to protect an exposed portion of a tooth’s root.

There are limitations to dental bonding. It is best for small cosmetic issues concerning your teeth.

Before you make the decision of whether or not to get a tooth bonded, you should know that teeth bonding does not last as long as fillings, crowns, or veneers, and is not as strong.

Given that bonding is only suitable for teeth with very low bite pressure, this means that bonding is normally only used to treat the front teeth.

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If you would like to learn more about any of our great cosmetic dentistry restoration options and are ready to see a dental team that cares, come see us at Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office at (818) 748-9998 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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