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Dental Implants
Burbank, CA

Dental Implants are becoming an increasingly popular way to replace missing or severely damaged teeth.

An alternative to bridges, dentures and partial dentures, implants look and feel more like your original teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a revolutionary addition to your options for replacing missing teeth. Consisting of small titanium rods that are surgically implanted in your jawbone, they are a favorite of both dentists and patients alike. While the procedure to get your implants is much more involved than any other replacement option on the market, the advantages they offer make them well worth it.

What is the dental implant placement process?



Once a tooth has been removed you will have an empty spot in your mouth. This spot needs to be prepared to recieve an implant. We will take X-Rays and complete a visual inspection of the location where your new tooth will be implanted.



Once we have a plan we will open up your gums and drill a hole to put the implant in. Alignment and placement of this hole is critical to the implant process. We want to avoid damaging surrounding teeth, nerves, etc. as well as make sure the replacement tooth is straight and properly anchored. Once the implant is in place we will close the gums on top of it.



At this point we will also take impressions and check the color of your surrounding teeth to enable us to make a crown to top the implant.



This is what allows us to give you replacement teeth. The implant is a little titanium screw with a specially treated surface. Your bones like titanium and will bond to the surface of the implant. This bonding is called osseointegration.



After the area around the implant has healed and bonded with the implant we will attach your custom made crown to the dental implant and abutment.

Who are dental implants for?

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants are for you. Regardless of whether you recently had a tooth extracted or you have been missing teeth for years, there is a dental implant solution for you. If you are in Burbank, Toluca Lake, Universal City, etc., we can personalize the implant treatment to meet your specific situation, so call us today at (818) 748-9998 to schedule your dental implant consultation today!

What are the benefits of dental implants?

The Benefits of Dental Implants image at Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry.

A better alternative to dental dentures:

Dentures can slip and move around if not properly secured. People often do not like taking dentures in and out each day. Using dental implants as an anchor, dentures can be permanently attached to the jaw using multiple implants.


Dental implants are just like real teeth:

We like our real teeth. Dental implants look and feel more like our real teeth than any other replacement method.


Prevent bone loss with dental implants:

The bone around empty sockets (missing teeth) can break down over time. This is one of the reasons people need to get new dentures every few years, the bone in their mouth begins to break down without the teeth there. Dental implants can help prevent this bone loss.

Before and After Image of having dental implants at Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry.

What do dental implant patients think of the results?

Our patients who have received dental implants love the way they look! But don't take our word for it, read their testimonials or take a look at the results below. You'll be amazed by how natural the new dental implants look. You can't even tell it's a fake tooth!

Ready to get dental implants? Here are the next steps.


We will determine if you are a good dental implant candidate:

Before you can have implants placed, we must first determine whether or not this treatment is the best option to suit your needs. This is done with a consultation. We will ask you questions regarding your medical history and lifestyle habits. We perform a thorough oral examination, checking the condition of your mouth, and take some X-rays. The X-rays allow us to see the state of your jawbone, and if it is sturdy enough for implants. If you have lost too much bone mass, you may first need to undergo a bone graft or consider other options (including the All-on-4 treatment concept). They also help us to plan the optimal placement of your dental implants should you be found to be a suitable candidate for surgery.


The implants are placed in a surgical procedure:

Dental implants, unlike any other tooth replacement option, require a surgical procedure. Before we begin, we administer a local anesthetic. If necessary, we can provide you with sedation, which will help you to relax and remain comfortable throughout your procedure. After the local anesthetic numbs the surgical sites, we make incisions in your gum tissue, exposing the jawbone. A specialized drill is used to drill holes into your jawbone according to your treatment plan. The implants are placed in these holes, and we stitch your gums closed around them. Before you leave, we provide you with a set of temporary teeth to use while you heal.


There will be a healing period after the surgery:

Healing from surgery varies from patient to patient, but it can range from a few weeks to several months. During this time, your bone fuses with the titanium rods, a process known as osseointegration. This process is integral for your implants to become the “roots” to support your replacement teeth. We will provide you with a set of specific instructions following your surgical procedure. These instructions will contain information on how to deal with common post-surgical issues (such as pain, swelling, and bleeding), how to take care of your mouth, what types of foods to eat, and when you can begin resuming your normal activities. It is important that you follow your instructions closely to avoid infections or other complications that can lead to implant failure. We will monitor your progress throughout your healing period to make sure that everything is going smoothly.


The final restoration will be placed on the implant:

Once you have fully healed, we then begin the process of installing your permanent replacement teeth. This process often takes two additional visits. At the first visit, we remove your temporary teeth and place the abutments on the titanium rods. We then take impressions of your mouth, which are sent to a lab for design and creation. It takes about two weeks for your final teeth to be completed. When they are ready, we secure them in place with screws.

How do you care for dental implants?

Before and After ImageCaring for dental implants is much like caring for your own teeth: Brush, floss and rinse often, visit your dentist for regular checkups, etc. Warning: Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause a dental implant to fail.

Schedule your dental implant consultation today!

Now that you understand the need for dental implants, you will probably want to get one. Call us at (818) 748-9998 today to setup a consultation to learn more about if dental implants are right for you.

Respected As A Patient

I continue to be impressed with every aspect of dental care and service at your office. Everyone is wonderful and makes me feel important, valued, and respected as a patient; everything is explained in detail.
-Shelley D.
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