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Dental Bridge
Burbank, CA

human hand holding a model of a dental bridge at Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry
Missing teeth need to be replaced in order to restore the function and appearance of your mouth.

One of the most effective solutions we provide at Toomin & Bieber Aesthetic Comprehensive Dentistry are dental bridges.

This replacement option is a great alternative because dental bridges look like your natural teeth and provide a stable structure that allows you to properly chew, smile and talk.

Dental bridges are an option for patients that are missing a single tooth or several teeth and have healthy teeth surrounding the gap as those healthy teeth are necessary to serve as the anchors for the bridge.

Who Needs a Dental Bridge?

As with any dental procedure, there are a variety of reasons you may need a dental bridge. A few of the most common reasons that we see the need include:
•  Replacing one or two missing teeth in a row due to excessive decay or disease
•  Trauma that knocked out one or two teeth in a row
•  To replace weak teeth that make chewing or talking difficult
•  To maintain the facial structure that would be lost without replacement teeth
•  To replace a removable partial denture that is causing discomfort or inconvenience

These are just a few examples of reasons that patients need a fixed dental bridge. We determine who would be a good candidate on a case-by-case basis as each reason for the need for replacement teeth is different and the health of each patient differs as well.

For example, if you are missing two teeth in a row, yet the surrounding teeth are weak as well, a dental bridge would not be a suitable option.

On the other hand, if you have healthy teeth surrounding the missing teeth, the bridge can be successfully placed, providing you with the ability to chew, talk, and smile with ease.

A Customized Tooth Replacement

Dental bridges are customized to each patient's needs. This means that the dental bridge you receive will be the same color and shape of your existing teeth. This is done to ensure fluidity throughout the patient's mouth. We do not want you to experience embarrassment at the replacement teeth that are in your mouth! We restore not only your function, but also the appearance of your mouth.

Types of Dental Bridges

To describe the various types of dental bridges, it is necessary to first become acquainted with their appearance.

Most dental bridges use abutment teeth. A dentist will cement two crowns into place, one on each of the adjacent teeth on either side of the space. Consider these to be the anchor teeth.

Pontics, or false teeth, are the other half of a dental bridge. These are attached to the existing crowns and replace the missing teeth. Based on this data, four broad categories of dental bridges have emerged.

The conventional fixed bridge is a classic example. This is the most commonly used bridge. To bridge the gap between two or more crowns, filler teeth are used. Crowns aid in the stability of the bridge. Metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and ceramic are common materials for bridges.

The cantilever bridge is the second type of bridge. A single abutment tooth supports the pontic of a cantilever bridge. This is an option for people who have only lost teeth on one side of the gap.

The third type of dental bridge is the Maryland bridge often referred to as a resin-bonded bridge. This bridge may be right for you if you are missing one or more front teeth. The framework holds porcelain-fused-to-metal or ceramic teeth together, and the wings on either side of the bridge will fuse to your existing teeth.

The final option is an implant-retained bridge. This bridge functions similarly to a traditional fixed bridge, except that it is supported by dental implants rather than teeth.

The Procedure

The majority of patients require two visits to the dentist for dental bridges. There are three steps to this process.

Before proceeding, the abutment teeth must be prepared. Our dentist will reshape the abutment teeth during the first visit. To make room for the crown, some enamel and dentin will have to be removed.

Making an impression is the next step. Dental impressions or a digital scan of your teeth will be needed by our dentist. The impression or scan will be used by a dental lab to create replacement teeth, bridges, and crowns for you. You will wear a temporary bridge while the lab creates your permanent bridge to protect the exposed areas of your mouth.

Following that, a permanent bridge can be bonded to the teeth. This usually happens during the second visit.

Our dentist will replace the temporary bridge with a permanent one during your next visit. The dentist will inspect the bridge and make any adjustments necessary to ensure a proper fit.

Proper Care of your Bridge

Once your permanent dental bridge is in place, it is important to keep up with your oral hygiene.

Dental bridges can last for many years to come as long as you brush and floss in that area regularly.

It is vital that all food debris and bacteria is removed in order to ensure that the area does not become decayed or diseased, which would affect the gums underneath the bridge, as well as the surrounding teeth that are holding the bridge in place.

It is also important for you to avoid any poor oral health habits that include biting your nails, chewing on pencils, or using your teeth as tools as these habits could knock your bridge loose!

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At Toomin & Bieber we are here to provide you with a beautiful dental bridge that helps to restore the function and beauty of your mouth. Give us a call today at (818) 748-9998to schedule your consultation!

Respected As A Patient

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