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We are honored that 99.3% of our patients would refer family and friends to us.

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Appreciating Your Approach & Commitment

Dear Dr. Toomin,
Because I've had such a positive experience under your care, I wanted to formally thank you. I also thought you might want to share my experience with patients experiencing similar issues.

You were highly recommended when I was looking for a new dentist. I needed one who would go beyond typical dentistry and spend the time to understand and help me with my unique issues. Specifically, for years I experienced 3-4 headaches a week. Though not usually debilitating, they were considered migraines due to symptoms such as nausea. It was definitely affecting my quality of life and I had reason to believe that the cause of my headaches had to do with my teeth.

While many people grind their teeth – especially at night – I began to realize that I constantly clenched my teeth, clamping down hard at night and even throughout the day. I came to your office first and foremost hoping you might have treatment ideas, such as using a nightguard or splint). Apparently I came to the right place.

I have to admit, at first I wasn't so sure about the splint, as the frequency of my headaches actually increased temporarily and this is where I was most impressed by your deep commitment to help me. Your determination to "get it right, no matter what" was most reassuring; it was obvious you take your work very personally.

After the first adjustment appointment, the difference was night and day – no headaches, but you continued to make adjustments in follow-up appointments until the fit was perfect. Now I think it's safe to say that you "got it right". It's been a full month without a single headache, and I can hardly believe it. It's hard to get across what a major difference this is making in my life.

I had three appointments last year with a Neurologist, but I stopped going because we didn't seem to be making any progress and he wanted to prescribe a drug. My gut told me the problem had a real solution. Thank you for helping me to find it. I wear the splint at night (it's quite comfortable) and it's easy to maintain (like most guys, I don't do well with "maintenance").
In a world of cookie-cutter, fast-food medical care, your approach and commitment is sincerely appreciated. I will definitely recommend you and your staff to anyone looking for a new dentist.


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Dr. Toomin is a great dentist
Dr. Toomin is a great dentist. He listens to all your needs and concerns. The staff in the office is nice and welcoming.

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My experience at Dr. Toomin's office
January 22, 2013
My experience at Dr. Toomin's office is always amazing. It feels like an extended family. All the staff and doctors make me feel welcome and comfortable.

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Professional yet very personal
January 21, 2013
Professional yet very personal.

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Wonderful As Always!
January 13, 2013
I was just there for a cleaning but it was very thorough. The hygienist was very pleasant and overall it was a pleasant experience.

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Great appointment as always!
January 11, 2013
Great appointment as always! Everyone is so nice and accommodating; I always look forward to my visits.

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Patient and Caring

I wanted to thank you both so much for all of your patience and care throughout this past year. Last fall I came in terrified, with a horribly broken tooth and look at me now! Not only am I healthier now in every conceivable way, I have a sweet new gold tooth! You seriously would not believe how much I love my new tooth. It is like having jewelry (that is FUNCTIONAL!!!) in my mouth. I told Micah the other day that I kind of wished my gold tooth was closer to the front of my mouth, and he just stared at me for a second and then said "Are you listening to yourself right now? Seriously." Thanks again for everything!

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Highest Standards

The thing I am most impressed with is that Dr. Toomin is a real artist. Mae and the whole staff reflects the standard that he sets! Thank you all. Thank you Dr. Toomin. Very much...

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Amazing & Good-Hearted

This is the first dental office where I feel comfortable and at ease. I appreciate everything and cannot imagine going anywhere else for my dental needs. Dr. Toomin is an amazing dentist and a good-hearted person.

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Respected As A Patient

I continue to be impressed with every aspect of dental care and service at your office. Everyone is wonderful and makes me feel important, valued, and respect as a patient; everything is explained in detail.

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Pleasant Visit

I had a very pleasant visit. The entire staff was great. I was able to get an emergency appointment even though I was a new patient. Thank you!

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Even though I have not lived in Burbank for 11 years now, I still make the commute. Everyone always says "why don't you go to a closer dentist?" I tell them because I like and trust my dentist.

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Keep It Up!

Nothing to say except keep up the great work :-)

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High Standards

I appreciate your high standards for customer satisfaction as always.

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Friendly & Accomodating

It is always a pleasure coming in to your office; everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I Love being a patient.

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Very Nice!

Everyone is very, very nice. Always.

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Confidence & Trust

I feel more confident about my smile. It took me years to build up the courage, but the bottom line was my trust in Dr. Toomin. Visually, the mock up was incredibly helpful and encouraging, in seeing how much nicer my teeth would be. It gave me so much more confidence to go forward with the treatment. The staff helped in making me feel 100% comfortable and right at home. The discomfort factor was minimal, and I have no regrets. I love the atmosphere at the office. Everyone is so happy, friendly and loving. I actually love going to the dentist. (Especially when they have my favorite fresh baked cookies!) I found the technology to be first rate and the detail in planning my case amazing. I'm very impressed and grateful. No one has noticed that I did anything to my teeth, but I have gotton so many compliments on my appearance. It was very important to me to look 100% natural and that's exactly what I got! Thank you Dr. Toomin! I've always smiled a lot in the past and now I'm just more confident about my big old smile. No one knew but my mom and she was completely supportive. I now have a broader smile that looks great in pictures.

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Better Appearance

I'm very happy with the treatment I received in Dr. Toomin's office. I was treated extremely well and my comfort was always paramount. The change in my smile has made me much more comfortable and relaxed. I now actually enjoy smiling. Dr. toomin exceeded my expectations. I specifically asked for a very natural look. Dr. Toomin totally delivered. My new smile has made me more confident. It's not just an old cliché'. For the first time in my adult life, my smile has been complemented. I found the courage to go forward with treatment, because I have total confidence in Dr. Toomin. Having a mock up allowed, for the first time, to actually visualize the change my smile would make in my appearance. The staff was always supportive in making sure I was as comfortable as possible, and accommodated my schedule in making appointments. They did whatever they could to expedite the process. They were always professional and friendly. I have no regrets about the treatment at all. It was worth the time, money and slight discomfort for the finished product. The atmosphere at the office was excellent. It was relaxed and happy, making visits very enjoyable. The technology was excellent. The attention to detail was excellent. Everything was explained to me in plain language step by step. My meetings with Dr. Toomin prior to and during the procedure prevented any real surprises. Friends and family have definitely noticed my appearance. I've been told my whole face lights up when I smile. I look younger, healthier and they think I've lost weight. Before treatment, I held back on my smile. Now I have a bigger and much more relaxed smile, along with a better appearance. I can smile with confidence now. My only regret is that I did not have treatment much earlier min my life. Thank you to Dr. Toomin and his team of professionals.

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Friendly & Professional

Dr. Toomin and his staff make dental work pleasurable, if that is possible. They are friendly and professional. I truly appreciate my smile and have a better appreciation for my teeth and the work that went into them.

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Long Term Health

I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

After living in California for several years I've decided to move to Florida so I can buy a home and slow down - that's the laughing part. When I decided to move people would ask, "What will you miss most about California?" I'd say, "My friends, the weather, the beaches, the mountains, my hairdresser and my dentist" - that's the crying part. As odd as it sounds you need to know the background of why I'll miss my dentist.
When I was around 16 I played hooky from school and went surfing with a friend. I was not the greatest surfer and the waves were really big that day. I slipped, fell in the water, and the board hit me in the mouth knocking out most of my two front teeth. From that day on I've had several sets of caps on the two teeth.

Fast forward to around 1996. I have the third set of ill fitting caps and the gums around my teeth were bloody, infected and sore. I'd been to several dentists that treated my teeth but never really seemed to care if they were going to be healthy long term.

I called Dr. Bieber's office because they were close to where I lived and scheduled an appointment. I was scared and in pain. When I first went in I was greeted by warm, friendly people who made me feel at ease. Dr. Bieber and everyone in the office was kind, sympathetic and concerned that I get taken care of - not just the gums, but me and my emotional state.

I received the most amazing care from them. They took time with me and made me comfortable - to the point that I look forward to going to the dentist. They have worked with me for over 10 years and my teeth and gums look great (if I do say so myself).

I recently had new crowns and veneers on the teeth on either side of the crowns. If you could see me you'd never know they were "phony" teeth, you'd only notice my smile.

So I'm off to Florida with wonderful new teeth but I'll miss Dr. B and everyone at the office. If I can find a dentist and staff that is half as caring as them I'll be happy - but not as happy if they all moved down here with me.

I miss you all.

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Respected As A Patient

I continue to be impressed with every aspect of dental care and service at your office. Everyone is wonderful and makes me feel important, valued, and respected as a patient; everything is explained in detail.
-Shelley D.
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